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MTA Health insurance plans

Your MTA provides several different types of health/medical insurance plans on an individual or group insurance basis.

For US residents we primarily use Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance. These plans are not the cheapest available but as in life, when you purchase health insurance you get what you pay for. Medical expense can bankrupt you if you are not properly covered. This is not an area to gamble with.

For individuals or groups that live or work outside of the USA we have several options that cover short term trips, say a voyage as a crew or captain or marine engineer or construction worker.

For individuals or groups that are or are not US residents but they presently reside or work outside of the USA we have other options that provide year-round coverage. Persons eligible for this type of coverage are, for example, US or non-US persons working as crew on a ship year-round or persons working on an offshore oil rig.

Insurers that we would use for this type of coverage would be Lloyd's of London, WASA and other large and stable international insurers familiar with the international marketplace and the management of international claims.

Since there are many variations we need to carefully review your requirements and provide you with options. Send us a short email note and give a basic outline of your needs.

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